Pickup Page for Trix

Image Info
Species: Glenn Dragon
Clutch: Winter Gather 2020
Color: White
Type: Air
Stage: Adult
Sex: Male
Breath Weapon: Snow
Abilities: Portal travel, Nexus agency location discovery, water/ice scrying, snow conjuring

Color Information
White dragons are attracted by white magic, stars, white crystals, such as quartz, and fairies. They live in very secluded areas where not many people come. Usually these areas are high centers of magic. Whites are quiet. They hardly ever speak, but they never stray far from their bondmates. They have the power, it is said, to open portals to other dimensions. They are also skilled white magic users.

Type Information
Air dragons have large wings designed for lengthy flights and have developed long, stream-lined bodies. They enjoy mountain tops, cliffs, open castle towers, cloud cities, and open valleys. Air dragons blow gust of air from their mouths; these gust can manifest as fog, rain, hail, and simply heated gas. Some air dragons have been known to breath lightning!

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