Winter Gather 2020

In the depths of the night, you went sleep walking, or perhaps you only dreamed. Either way, your minds touched the wintery realm of Noya Fosse, queen of a place between worlds. Your thoughts and hopes warmed her frozen heart, and this monsterous dragoness decided it was time to repay the favour. Maybe a few of you have already found smaller creatures a'plenty to warn you of the greater changes to come. Others... might be completely surprised.

An unusual amount of snow begins to fall over your riders, your dragons, your lands touched by Noya's mind, and mere hours later, her wave of emissaries sweep out to find their new homes. Emissaries not from Noya and her strange, frigid between-lands... but between the Nexus at large.

:: Go, children, knit the hearts of the Nexus together again. Let the warmth of hope spring eternal and bring an end to their wintery nights. But always remember... what darkness you find, what despair...

Bring it back to me. ::

(Please let me know if I missed anything! Note that all winter gather dragons have the ability to sense the location of other Nexus worlds, and unless specified you can choose whether they're able to send messages, teleport, or otherwise interconnect those different locations.)
Name Pickup
Bughnrahk here
Dracleia here
DragonFlight here
Dray here
Indyana here
Kat here
Kin/Mystic here
Kite here
Ktrenal here
Luna/Celeanor here
Minerva Darkenwald here
Naeodin here
Phoenix here
Shadhahvar/Rakel here
StarFyre here
Trix here
TyGryph here
Uny here
Zek/Shard here

Please link back to the URL provided by the pet's artist, and either to the Discord Server or the forums so that others can adopt dragons of their own.
In addition, you can check out the group's Trello Board to see what adoptions are coming up next.

Winter Gather 2020 is a joint project between members of the Nexus. Do not take art without crediting!