Pickup Page for Dracleia

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Name: [Up to receiver]
Gender: [Up to receiver. Can have male or female reproductive functions, not both. Also: as Shy's creations, very fertile.]
Species: Vella Crean Homing Beacons / Shy's Project

Physical Description: Slightly smaller in size (think Pernese green dimensions) with very long, robust tails and leathery hides, these dragons have four limbs, two wings, and an odd, bristly crest/neck frills and two horns. They have eerie molten gold eyes that do seem to flash different colors based on their mood--with molten gold being "neutral".
The dragons emit odd pulses of light. Against their hide, it looks like small constellations- along the tips of their crests and neck frills, a little bit like fireflies. The light is strongest along the tip of their wings and their tails. Although they do have the ability to control the light to some degree, it is almost impossible for the dragons to go "dark". Shy calls them his homing beacons- and to be fair, they do seem to light up much more brightly around Vella Crean dragons.
The constellations and the snowflake patterns along their wing sales do seem to shift and change position. Not quite when someone is looking at them directly, but every so often a new snowflake will appear, or a different constellation will make itself known.

Attributes / Skillsets: Shy's projects are telepathic. He seemed to have been very inspired by dragons of old because these are not capable of verbal speech. They have slight element dominance over ice and snow- so be prepared for blizzards and snow storms if you make them unhappy.
They do not require a bond- however, love company. They are especially attuned to discovering new worlds, and have a strong affinity for searching out new species of dragons and lost worlds. Please note in the grand scheme of Shy's plan, they are essentially homing beacons: he is looking for the Vella Crean, and believes the best way is by sending out as many weird projects to hunt down traces of the Vella Crean in his stead. When in close proximity of Vella Crean dragons, they will glow- annoyingly so.

Other Requests/Information:
They are highly intelligent dragons who are quite aware of why they have been created, love discovering new worlds, and can be utilized as very skilled search riders for candidate writingz purposes.