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Terrigon Information: here

Name: Sam Tele-Porter
Species: Terigon Anthropomorph
Gender: Male

Special Abilities:
Load Bearing - Sam possesses incredible strength and endurance, and can carry cargo loads greatly in excess of his own body weight. He cannot fly under such a load, however. He can only walk.

The Great Tele-Porter - Sam cannot teleport in the traditional sense, but if he is loaded with cargo and starts walking he will, eventually, reach his destination. It doesn't matter if there are oceans, planets, galaxies, or alternate dimensions between his origin and his goal -- he'll get there.

Nexus Awareness - As all other Winter Gather dragons, he is aware of all other Nexus agencies that exist and can reach them as part of his nature as The Great Tele-Porter.

Species: Brown Holly Dragon
Link: Lantessama Isle