Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae

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Basic Stats
Name: Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae
Rank: ???
Rider: None
Origin: The Bower, Clutch 22B
Species: Godspawn Mutt
Gender: Male
Colour: Black-Gold
Size: Medium-Small
Shoulder Height: 8'6"
Length: 21'3"
Abilities: Psionics (Telepathy, Telekinesis): Shetturshu can speak mind to mind, and manipulate objects with his mind alone.
Verbal Speech: Shetturshu can speak aloud.
Human-Dragon Spectrum Shifting: Shetturshu can shape-shift to look like a human, though his colouration remains the same. Additionally, he retains his curled horns and tail.
Shadow-Walking: Shetturshu can use shadows to teleport from one place to another.
Water Breathing: Shetturshu can breathe under water.
Filter Radioactivity: Shetturshu can magically leach radioactivity from an area and cause it the area to return to an innate state.
Fire Breath: Shetturshu can breathe a gout of fire.
Personality: Shetturshu is not a very pleasant dragon to be around: he is selfish and usually acts without regards for the well-being or happiness of others around him. He takes what he wants at any time, and only seems to notice if he's affecting others if it directly relates to advancing his own whims. Shetturshu is conniving and seems to know how to get away with his vices, using blackmail and threats to keep those who might act out against him from doing so, and bribing and or simply greasing the wheels of those from whom he has something to gain. He's a greasy sort of character who nobody really wants to be around, when they have a moment to think about it.
Pale Grey Briecher F.
Black Bylnupuro F.
Amber Derixno F.
Glass Prepu F.
Black Pulathe F.
Brown Purno F.
Black Shetturshu F.
White Yascithi F.
Sickly Green Yataso F.
Black-Rainbow-Mottled Black Godspawn, Rixor
Godspirit King of Cretan Hades, Dis
Godspirit of Radiation, Chernobyl
Black-Gold-Silver Mutt, Assa Filidechiroptidae
Black-Gold Tomapas Deeabath
Ore Mutt, Presche Silvacaela
Silver-Copper-Black Piralan/Daemon Mutt, Sessia Deaabath
Black-Sunset-Blue Mutt, Oplintas Filidechiroptidae
Black-Gold Niteshan Mutt, Veretus Cerex
Silver-Gold Vatkari Mutt, Ganeen Filidechiroptidae
Mate Sons Daughters
Extra Info
Retires: ???
Breeding Preferences: Godspawn, Vatkari, Mischievous, Sneaky, Sly, Black, Gold, Dark
Limitations: Breeds with Small <-> Medium
Clutch Average: 7 <-> 15
Gestation Time: 10 Months (12 Days)
Offspring Maturity: 3 Years (42 Days)
Offspring Require Bond: No