Winter Gather 2020

Hark, the herald... flitter?? Sings?

What the heck? You hear a "pff!" accompanied by a puff of snow whooshing behind you. When you turn around, you see the following pet appear!

All Winter Gather 2020 pets have the ability to teleport anywhere within the Nexus, and are trained to carry messages and light gifts such as socks, cards, and even small casks of eggnog. Please take care of yours by putting it on a webpage, forum, journal, or other publically accessible location. Ideally, your pet will want a person to feed it and take care of it and any offspring it might one day have, but some pets are known to cluster together in a feral colony, like a flock of flits or a clowder of winged cats.

Please link back to the URL provided by the pet's artist, and either to the Discord Server or the forums so that others can adopt pets of their own.

Winter Gather 2020 is a joint project between members of the Nexus. Do not take art without crediting!