Pickup Page for TyGryph

Image Info
Name: Up to you, though last name likely to be Jeriane
Colour: Indigo-White
Mother: Eraxa Jariane
Father: Rainglow
Height at shoulder: 7'8"
Length: 42'
Height Shapeshifted: 6'2"
Special Features: Horns and Antennae are unique to this year's winter gather.

Special Abilities:
Shapeshift - Strong ability to shift between dragon, humanoid, taur, and other shapes.
Illusion Magic - Can pull strands of magic from tail glowy bits to create sensory illusions.
Narcotic Magic - The same magic pulled from the tail, when ingested, can induce hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and a dulling of pain. Abuse can cause feelings of remorse and even suicidal thoughts.
Bioluminescence - This chemical reaction allows Nightmourners and their offspring to glow.
Light Aversion - Some Nightmourner offspring do not like light because it causes their bioluminescent parts to itch and sting. This dragon is one of those.

Note: They are always female and will always have female offspring. This dragon also has a special ability to know where all Nexus worlds are and to project illusory versions of itself and allies to people within those worlds, a little like a hologram.

Name: Up to you
Special Abilities:
This dragon prefers to belly-slide like a penguin across snow/ice and goes much quicker that way. Is able to generate ice and snow, which causes the wing elements on their back to intensify their glow. Wings can be entirely hidden by choice.

Note: This dragon can sort of slip-in-slide on an ice path they create directly between Nexus worlds.