Pickup Page for Zekiran/Shard

Image Info
Species Name: Pterodraco
Colour: Leopard Seal printed snowflake
Info: This dragon prefers to belly-slide like a penguin across snow/ice and goes much quicker that way. Is able to generate ice and snow, which causes the wing elements on their back to intensify their glow. Wings can be entirely hidden by choice.

Note: Requires a bond. Has an ability to home between Nexus worlds and can slip through to each one as though teleporting.

Name: Cheeralin Filidelunas
Gender: (Up to you)
Colour: Black-Cream
Size: Medium-Small (8.9' tall at shoulder) Father: Black-Gold Godspawn Hybrid, Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae
Mother: Black-White SaaShiyovi Hybrid, Subrea Lunas

Telepathy - Cheeralin can speak mind to mind
Verbal Speech - Cheeralin can speak aloud
Anthro-Dragon Spectrum Shifting - Cheeralin can partially shift into a humanoid form that is also human sized, but they retain their colours and many of their draconic features.
Water Breathing - Cheeralin can hold their breath for up to an hour, and has a limited ability to filter water if they do breath beneath the waves, though they cannot live indefinitely without air.
Acid Spit - Cheeralin has an odd ability to spit volatile acid. They can instinctively tone this ability up or down from mild cleaning (such as the like for spring cleaning) to downright noxious.