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Species Name: Makutu Tarakona
Notes: First Generation do not have standard parentage. They are created by an entity referred to as 'The Coin'. (You get more details later.)

Each one has one of eight Elemental inclinations, as depicted by the crystalline spot(s) that appear somewhere on their bodies (most commonly the forehead or tail, but it could be anywhere). They can learn other magics but this Elemental one comes naturally.

They are rather greyscale when they hatch, minus their eye color and their Elemental crystals. Their color develops more towards adulthood, and is based on their personal preference/favorites, rather than anything genetic. (Their 'choice' of color is a trait that would hold for several generations of mixing before it stops being a thing.)

Their skeletal structure is somewhat crystalline, of the same substance as their Elemental 'gem', though none of this is very prone to fractures/cracks/breaks or the shattering you see in normal crystals. They tend to keep this trait a secret, as in the past, it has caused some unscrupulous hunters to go after them.

While they can be classified as dragons, they are also very much like fae (Faeries, Fair Folk, Sidhe, Raksha, etc). The form you have the image of is their 'default' shape. They possess Limited Shapeshifting - they can transform into anything they can see, or have seen (and adequately remember — if they don't recall something properly, they could easily look incorrect), but they can only hold this shape for a few hours. The one exception is if they have tasted the 'life essence' (open to interpretation) of some living biological plant/creature, in which case they can hold that shape indefinitely, if they choose. They can alter their coloration as it suits them.
(They can only have one indefinite alternate shape at a time — so if you have one that tastes human blood (or something else appropriate), they can turn human whenever they want for as long as they want, until they opt to, say, bite a living cat or something and then the human shape is temporary and the cat is the indefinite one.)

If they happen to encounter other 'fae' creatures, they should immediately recognize this trait in each other, regardless of current shape. By nature, they won't out another fae who's under disguise (all bets are off if someone outs them first, though).

They are capable of rapid regeneration, and are almost immortal — even fatal injuries (including but not limited to decapitation or being burned alive!) will heal very quickly (there are stories about one of their fellows who healed so fast, that by the time a killing stroke had severed his head — the opposite side of his neck had already healed), with one exception. Injuries caused by iron (as a base material, and not alloyed into a new substance, like steel) must heal as a standard mortal creature would, meaning fatal wounds are often just that — fatal.

They are often possessed of intense wanderlust, or a trickster nature, or the need to compulsively spin words to sound like lies when they are actually truths (or vice versa), and so on — pretty much anything you might equate to one of the fair ones in an old story, ranging from benign to malicious. (Personalities can be across the spectrum, here.) They will often learn magics explicitly to supplement these desires (examples include, but are not limited to, teleporation (portals or otherwise), astral projection, illusions, and so forth). Obviously, aptitude and proficiency will vary by individual.

They become very possessive of things (or people!) that they consider theirs, and do not tolerate 'theft'. (Beware if you try to marry their best friend without getting a proper blessing first!)

They do not bond on their own, though they can become plenty attached to others, just like normal people. They are entirely capable of bonding with another creature, though, if the bond is initiated from the other's side.

Special Note: If you (or someone you know) has one of these folks from their prior 'incarnation', the new notes supercede the old ones.

Species: Peryton
Link: Lantessama Isle

Note: These creatures are a cross between deer, bird and dragon. Some have more avian hind legs. They have a homing sense between Nexus worlds and can slip between them with ease.