Pickup Page for Ktrenal

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Info: Portal dragons are specialized communicators/translators and emmisaries. born with the ability to summon and communicate with a familiar, which can create and travel through small portals to any place their dragon counterpart has either been to personally or has the mental coordinates for. The familiar can carry and deliver simple messages (including both written and perfectly mimicked speech) and small items to anyone their companion has met or has a good mental image of from someone else.

When not called upon, familiars return to the glowing orb perpetually suspended above their individual dragons. While familiars cannot understand any telepathic or vocal language, and can only communicate with their own dragon counterpart, portal dragons themselves have the ability to understand and speak any language through osmosis (telepathically picking up the language from whoever they are speaking to), should the situation call for it. Males sport a set of curved, branching horns (note: not antlers; these horns do not fall off and regrow, they are permanent and will continue to grow for as long the dragon lives, some becoming quite massive).

Dragon abilities: telepathy, vocal speech (any language), familiar communication
Familiar abilities: familiar communication, small portal creation (temporary), vocal speech mimicry

Pairs: Aurora and Snowdrift (both male)