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Image Info
ID#: mc140m
Species: Bishel Dragon
Clan: Machesri
Color: Green
Type: Terran
Sex: Male
Age: Bishen
Special Characteristics: Lantern, mistletoe bundle
Magical Objects: Evergreen Talisman - The Evergreen Talisman aids this dragon in healing magic, especially as involves the leaves, sap, or berries of evergreen plant species. They can make medicines or perform direct treatment of wounds with enhanced results. The talisman also grants the dragon resistance to extreme cold.

Walking Map - This dragon has an augmented sense of direction and always seems to know the lay of the land, even in strange places. Once they map a place, they never forget. Hidden Door - The ability to find doorways to other worlds in common places. For example, this dragon might walk through a hedge and end up coming out on another planet or in another time. Nexus Agency Locator - The ability to find and access other adoption agencies that are part of the Nexus.

Clutch: Prizes and Gifts
Notes: Nexus Winter Gather 2020. Most Green Bishen do not tolerate winter well, but this dragon must be an “evergreen”, because winter is his favorite season. He keeps the woodland paths clear and is a skilled guide for anyone looking to travel through a forest.
Agency Site: Bishen Realm
Transparent Version: here

Species: Green Holly Dragon
Link: Lantessama Isle