Pickup Page for JKatkina

Image Info
Name: Letisno Filidelunas
Gender: (Up to you)
Colour: Red-White-Green
Size: Medium-Small (8.6' tall at shoulder) Father: Black-Gold Godspawn Hybrid, Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae
Mother: Black-White SaaShiyovi Hybrid, Subrea Lunas

Telepathy - Letisno can speak mind to mind
Verbal Speech - Letisno can speak aloud
Shadow Magic - Letisno has a special Winter Gather ability to warm and soften shadows, to teleport through the umbral space between light and dark (much like that in a chimney, for example). They can pull shadows together into dense lumps like coal, which, when handled, can dredge up regret for all past wrong-doings.
Functional Magic - Letisno has access to an inborn, slow-generating form of magic. This raw material can be used to create objects and effects, or even offset Letisno's nutritional needs.
Filter Radioactivity - Letisno has the strange ability to break down radioactive substances (and in this case, other high-energy emissions like those found to create auroras if striking a planet's magnetosphere) and store that energy in their body. This offsets their functional magic, so Letisno can actually turn radioactive material into just about anything their heart desires. This comes with a fatal cost, however: if Letisno finds themselves in a situation where the conversion rate is too sharp, the functional magic in their body will overwhelm them and cause them to erupt. Similarly, if their ability to produce magic is ever stunted or blocked, so will be their ability to filter radioactive emissions.

Species: Red Holly Dragon
Link: Lantessama Isle