Pickup Page for DragonFlight

Image Info
Name: Nolath Filidelunas
Gender: (Up to you)
Colour: Ice-Cream-Gold
Size: Medium (9' tall at shoulder) Father: Black-Gold Godspawn Hybrid, Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae
Mother: Black-White SaaShiyovi Hybrid, Subrea Lunas

Telepathy - Nolath can speak mind to mind
Verbal Speech - Nolath can speak aloud
Majyck based on coat colour - Nolath has mythicaelan majyck. Nolath is special to the Winter Gather: their icy storms are healing, rather than harming, and bring warm, loving thoughts of happy memories and hopeful futures to come.
Anthro-Dragon Spectrum Shifting - Nolath can partially shift into a humanoid form that is also human sized, but they retain their colours and many of their draconic features.
Resin Secretion - Nolath posseses a throwback ability from a xeno progenitor, though in their specific case the resin-like structures they can build are crystal clear and cold to the touch, like unmelting ice. These structures absorb and store cold during freezing months and gently cool an area when the temperature rises to warmer than they naturally are.

Name: Aqir Alvvaakukir
Gender (up to you!)
Height: 14'0" at shoulder (medium)
Species: Snowskimmer
Abilities: Telepathy, Snow Skimming, Resistance to cold, Snow Breath, Frost Touch

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